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Phone: 303.573.9400
Fax: 303.573.9401
2000 W 8th Ave
Denver CO 80204




City Bark Denver - Pricing

All pricing is on a per pet basis unless stated otherwise.
Day Care
1 day rate
½ day rate
20-day package ($26.00/day) *
10-day package ($28.00/day ) *
5-day package ($29.50/day) *
* If packages are used for ½ days, an additional charge of $2 per visit will be charged at the time of visit.
Socialized Boarding (Dogs that are able to socialize with other dogs)  
Standard Room
Suite (private room w/ TV)
Indoor/Outdoor Room
Doggie Day Care ½ day
Doggie Day Care full day
Private Outing (½ hour)
Private Swim (½ hour)
Note: Activities must be scheduled for every day of your dog’s stay or every other day.
Traditional Boarding (Dogs that are unable to socialize with other dogs)
Standard Room
Indoor/Outdoor Room
Additional Private Outing (½ hour)
Private Swim (½ hour)
Kitty Sleepovers
Standard Room
½ hour one on one time
Our Kitty room has two large windows and a fish tank to keep your cat entertained.
Self-Wash Tubs
Self serve with shampoo (½ hr)
$ 14.00
Self serve without shampoo (½ hr)
$ 12.00
Additional ½ hour in the same tub
$ 8.00
Training, Grooming, and Pet Supplies
We have excellent trainers and groomers that operate their businesses at our location.  Please ask us for information on their services.