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Phone: 303.783.9401
Fax: 303.794.3032
6235 S. Santa Fe
Littleton, Colorado, 80120



City Bark Littleton - Services

City Bark Littleton is a full service pet center that specializes in dogs.
Our services include:


Doggie Day Care - We have five separate climate controlled indoor play areas for your dog's enjoyment, in addition to a large outdoor dog park featuring a swimming pool, and lots of astro turf to run and play fetch on.

Each dog also receives a mid-day snack and nap in one of our overnight kennels. We give our daycare dogs a short nap because many of them find it difficult to take a nap in play group when they are tired because they don't want to miss out on all the fun.

We have web cams at all of our locations, so not only will we be supervising your dog, but you can also watch your dog play.

All day care dogs are required to come in for an interview prior to their first day with us, have proof of vaccinations, and enjoy playing with other dogs. We do interviews between 10:00 AM & 3:00 PM Monday through Saturday.


Overnight Boarding - We offer a customizable boarding experience for all dogs. Your dog can be treated to a day of doggie day care including swim time, or for those dogs that need a little less activity, we offer private outings and swims.

We also offer luxurious suites or indoor/outdoor accommodations for those dogs with more discriminating tastes.

Most of our overnight dogs that participate in day care look forward to a night of sleep because they are tired from a day of hard play. All overnight dogs are required to come in for an interview prior to their first day with us, have proof of vaccinations, and enjoy playing with other dogs. 

We do interviews between 10:00 AM & 3:00 PM Monday through Saturday.


Pet-Supplies - We sell all the basic pet supplies that your dog will need to grow up healthy and happy.  These include healthy food, quality toys, training treats and training collars and leashes.  We  were the first supplier in Denver of both the Holistic Select dog food and the Eagle Pack dog food.  Both are super premium dog foods made with high quality ingredients.  Given all the recent recalls in pet foods, it is comforting to know that these two pet food lines are owned and manufactured by a relatively small company that only manufactures high end dog foods.  Read more at

Self Wash Tubs Littleton Self Wash Tubs - Instead of making a mess at your house trying to give your dog a much needed bath, come to our house and make a mess in one of our specialty designed bathing tubs. We will clean up for you!
Grooming Services - Stephanie Mikulecky with Super Barks grooming is providing grooming services at City Bark Littleton. Stephanie has over 8 years of experience grooming pets and can give your dog a simple bath and a brush or a full day at her spa. Call 303-783-9401 to schedule an appointment with Stephanie.

Bullet Behavior Modification Training - We have three partners that we recommend for basic obedience classes or for behavior problems.  All three of these partners are experts in their field!

If you are interested in learning more about our partners check the Training page for details on what each of them offers. 

We also strongly recommend the Gentle Leader head collar, the Easy Walk Harness or the Sense-ation Harness for training.  These are all humane collars which greatly reduce your dog’s tendencies to pull when on a leash. Stop by City Bark to purchase the one that works best for your dog and get fitted by an experienced professional. For more information on the Gentle Leader or Easy Walk Harness visit or for more on the Sense-ation Harness visit
Doggie Park - The outdoor dog park is doggie heaven. The park has a swimming pool, astro turf, and plenty of room for fetching and retrieving. Weather permitting, we like to rotate our guests between indoor and outdoor play so everybody gets plenty of fresh air and outdoor exercise.

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