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Training Partners

Wag & Train

Wag & Train,  has teamed up Victoria Stilwellwith Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training and City Bark Doggy Daycare to help you train your dog. 

Wag & Train offers  group classes , private sessions, community lectures, and workshops that are done in a learning environment that sets your dog up to succeed while helping your dog learn through positive motivation. Using lure reward-based methods, visual cues, and body language, Wag & Train instructors teach you how to communicate effectively and without force. Wag & Train is the only facility in Colorado chosen by Victoria Stilwell herself to ensure you are getting the best in science-based, dog-friendly training. Our methods are like those used on her show, “It’s Me or the Dog”, and we are very proud to say we don’t use or condone shock, choke, or prong collars.

City Bark Denver

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Victoria Stilwell

Good Behavior and Manners 1
5 weeks

City Bark Denver (I25 & 8th Avenue)

price: $150

This class is for dogs who have graduated Super Puppy class, older dogs with no previous formal training, or those who could brush-up on some good manners.  This course involves learning all the basic commands necessary for a well-mannered dog. We will also teach you the most effective way to help change those unwanted behaviors (jumping, barking, pulling on the leash...) as well as other valuable handling techniques. 

Price: $150
Length: 5 weeks
Age: 5 months and older

Super Puppy 1 (Drop-In/ Start anytime)

Saturdays - 10:00am - 10:45am (ongoing)

City Bark Denver (I25 & 8th Avenue)

Super Puppy 1 is an on-going drop-in class so you can begin as soon as you bring your puppy home and after his first set of vaccinations. There is no need to wait until he’s had all of his shots, as your puppy will only be exposed to other puppies.

Super Puppy 1 Drop in classes are 30-minutes long and perfect for puppies 8-13 weeks of age. We focus on teaching bite inhibition, socialization, desensitization to people, lure reward training, and beginning commands.

Price: $65 for 6 drop-in Classes. You may come to as many puppy classes as you’d like before your puppy graduates, and buy more punchcards
Pre-requisite: First set of vaccinations is required.
Age: 8-13 weeks

Noble Beast Dog Training offers a very unique Day Training Program at several of the City Bark locations.  City Bark is very excited about the Day Training program as it will give wonderful dogs, who may not do well in our traditional daycare program, the chance to interact in a small group setting while working on social skills, basic commands, and impulse control.

The Day Training program is being taught by Noble Beast Dog Training, and is held at City Bark multiple days during the week. For more information on this exciting new program, visit their website at

Wag Wag Logo
City Bark Doggie Day Care

We are very excited that Lisa Sickles of Wag Wag Enterprises is teaching classes at our Littleton locations. Lisa L. Sickles, CPDT CDBC is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant who has been providing dog training in the Denver area since 1999. She is an active member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Lisa uses positive reinforcement techniques in her classes and private lessons. To obtain a class schedule or learn more about Lisa or her classes visit her website at

Puppy Head Start
5 weeks

Requirements: ages 16 weeks and younger

A 5-week class that includes an introduction to basic skills, puppy manners and proper socialization.

Basic Level One
6 weeks

Requirements: ages 5 months and older

A 6-week course that teaches basic skills (including Come, Leash Walking, Leave-It, Settle, Wait, Intro to Heel and more). Also covers manners and distraction work.

One Hour Trick Class

Requirements: All ages

A one time, one hour class that instructs you to teach 9 different tricks to your dog.

Rally-O Class
6 weeks

Requirements: Must have basic skills

Just for will work on basics by completing the behaviors as marked by signs on a course.